SoCon07 - At this invigorating, thought-provoking unconference, you will meet bloggers, new media pros, academics, and people from across the spectrum of marketing, public relations, human resources and the executive ranks. Together we'll discuss how the very affordable, easy-to-use online tools of Web 2.0 are creating unlimited opportunity and change - around the globe and here in our own backyard.

No matter what your personal or professional take is on technology, you won't want to miss this chance to rub shoulders with the Weberati of our times! Local pioneers will discuss their successes and failures, some of the astonishing ways in which they see the world evolving, and what the new tools of Web 2.0 promise for all of us including the best baking dishes. Don't miss SoCon07, the first social media mashup of the south!  

2.10.07 Update: Over 90 people attended dinner and networking, 200+ for sessions on Saturday.  It was a wonderful event.
 See you next year at SoCon08.